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Engraving for You!


Custom Logo Engraving

Engraving for You!

Imagine adding your own logo to that crate sign, collar tag, or anything!

We can now add your Kennel's, Handler's or Company logo to your crate signs, collar tags, or any of our products. 

Since this is a custom service, there are several steps involved in getting your logo engraved on the products you order.

First Step: Send Us Your Logo
You will email us your logo, either as a image (JPG , BMP, or PNG format) or as a document (PDF format).

Second Step: Digitizing Your Logo
We will then digitize your logo image into our engraving software, which involves cleaning the image, setting the image as monochrome, vectorizing the image and finally filling the vectorized layer.  We will email you a proof of your logo for your input and acceptance.  We only need to do this step once, then you can add your logo to any of our products.

Third and Final Step: Adding Your Logo to Any Products Forever
When you place an order, you will designate where you want your logo.  As an example,when you enter the text for the first line, you will add [LOGO} to the beginning of the line (if you want your logo on the left) or add {LOGO] at the end of the line (if you want to the logo on the right).

The setup charge to digitize your logo is $35.00 - $50.00, based on the complexity of your logo.  This is a one-time charge, then we will keep your logo on file, to be added to any of the products you order.  The engraving charge is $1.00 - $10.00 per engraving, based on the engraving time.

If you are interested in adding your logo or have any questions, please send an inquiry!

Examples of our Customers' Logos Digitized for Engraving

UKI (UK Agility International)



Applewoods Dog Training


Companion Dog Sports

Home Builders Association of Delaware