Name Pins with or Without Graphics

Used by Officials and Companies for Identification and Gifts

Technology is wonderful but...

Recently my granddaughter purchased a new cell phone.  She was unable to transfer her stored numbers from the old phone as it was non-functional (lost or dropped or something).  A situation developed where she needed to contact a family friend whose number she had stored in the old phone.  She attempted to contact people who might know the phone number she needed to no avail.  She asked me if I could think of someone else she could call to get the needed number.  Fortunately,  the friend whose number she needed is also a senior citizen (like me) who had an old fashion phone – the ones with a chord attached.  You guessed it.  There was also a listing in that book we use to boost up little kids who have graduated from hi-chairs and I had not yet recycled my copy.  I instructed her in the use of the PHONE BOOK and she was able to make the call!

Current News

A New Era

The shows at Harrisburg were my last appearance “on the road”. I'm now concentrating my efforts on the web site. I’m pleased that many customers I’ve dealt with at dog shows the past 32 years have followed me to the site. I’m also excited that many new customers have found me via the internet.  So I’m not retiring just beginning a NEW ERA. I’m looking forward to the challenge of supplying engraved signs and tags to past customers and finding new ones.


I must say, however, I won’t miss some things that came with doing 80+ shows a year. Like the mud and being towed out of a show site, high winds causing tents to go down and shows to be canceled, having the LED screen on the computer run slow because it didn’t like 30 degree temperature, changing a tire on my cube van on the Capitol Beltway during rush hour, listening to the PA announcer call (for the 4th time) for a vehicle to be moved “immediately or it will be towed – the tow truck is on the way”, watching flood waters rising in the parking lot and seeing the wheel chocks float away as I pull my trailer to higher ground.

I will miss the comradery of my fellow dog show vendors.  I expect to continue to share in the excitement of achieving a new title when I get the order for a crate sign and a new puppy with the order for a pet tag.


New Technology

Our New Engraver with the Latest in Technology

Now that we're not doing the dog shows, we're taking this extra time to bring on a new engraving machine and add some of the latest technology with our new software.  We are now able to engrave custom logos, and provide customers with previews for their input.  Please check our Custom Logo Engraving and now you can add your Kennel's logo to your crate signs!

Name Pins

The name pins are solid brass. As the information is engraved into the brass, it won't wear off. I offer 4 types of attachment -pin, clutch (think tie tack) and at an additional charge, magnet and pocket foldover. The magnet backs have become more popular as the strength of the magnets has improved. It also seems that the small size is more popular than in the past. Anecdotally, some clubs and organizations have ordered pins as gifts. The list provided to me often includes a title - Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr etc. However my experience has been that 90% ot the time a pin is ordered by an individual, no such title is requested.

Select your Name Pin

Brass Pin - 1/2" x 2-3/8"

Price $12.00

1/2" x 2 3/8" Solid brass pin

The Attachments are shown below.

2 Lines of Engraving.
Item # BPSMS
Weight 3.0 OZ
Line #1
Line #2

Brass Pin - 1" x 2-1/4"

Price $12.00

I developed the medium size at the request of several women who wanted a shorter pin. It's length usually means I have to use two lines for first and last name.

3 Lines of Engraving
Line 1 for the Name
Line 2 for the Name Continued
Line 3 for Title, like "Judge"
Item # BPMDS
Weight 3.0 OZ
Line #1
Line #2
Line #3

Brass Pin - 1" x 3"

Price $12.00

1" x 3" Solid brass name tag

2 Lines of Engraving
Line 1 for the Name
Line 2 for Title
Weight 3.0 OZ
Line #1
Line #2

Clutch Back

Price $0.20

Item # B-15
Weight 1.0 OZ

Vinyl Backed Swifel Bulldog Clip

Used for attaching signs to crates or name tags to clothing

Price $0.50

Item # B-46
Weight 1.0 OZ

Pocket Foldover Badge Attachment

Clear plastic pocket foldover with adhesive to attach a 1" x 3" brass or plastic name tag.

Price $2.00

Weight 2.0 OZ
Pin Back Attachment Pin Back Attachment
Clutch Back Attachment Clutch Back Attachment
Magnetic Attachment Magnetic Back Attachment - showing both open and closed
Pocket Foldover Pocket Foldover Badge Attachment
- Shown with a Judge's Pin

You will receive a confirmation email once you have completed your order in about 5 - 15 minutes.  If you do not receive this confirmation, we will not receive your order, so please call our office during business hours, thank you.

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